Family Plan

Family Plan

$96.00 for 1 year



In today's ever-changing economy, families are increasingly being stretched to their economic limit. And with those pressures, often come tough decisions - but your health doesn't need to be one. LifeTime Dental Plan is a smart way to keep your family healthy without the high costs, bureaucracy and frequent restrictions many experience with traditional dental insurance. Now you can have the same peace of mind that thousands of Arizona families enjoy.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign your family up for a LifeTime Dental Plan and pay your annual fee (Only $96.00/year for a Family Plan).
  2. Make appointments with any participating dentist from the list of our approved providers.
  3. After your appointment, the dentist will apply the member savings afforded you by the plan and generate a bill.
  4. You simply pay the dentist directly for the services rendered.

And that's it. Quick and easy. There are no forms to submit or time spent waiting for pre-approvals and coverage rates. It is our policy to not be involved in the dentist/patient relationship or dictate treatment needs or procedures.

Here is our list of covered services and the associated member savings:

Click the underlined services below for more detailed information.
Procedure Member Savings
Consultation with No X-Rays No Charge
Exam and X-Rays 25%
Emergency Visit 25%
Pano. and X-Rays 25%
Teeth Whitening 25%
Regular Cleaning 25%
Full Mouth Debridment 25%
Periodontal Cleaning 20%
Crown and Bridge 15%
Implants 20%
Filling or Basic Restorative 20%
Cosmetic Dentistry 15%
Root Canal or Endodontics 15%
Denture, Partials 15%
Removable Appliances 15%
Braces or Orthodontics 10%
Preventive Dentistry (Other Than Fillings) 25%
Other Procedures (With No Lab Requirement) 20%
Other Procedures (With Lab Requirement) 15%
Extractions or Oral Surgery (Simple) 25%
Extractions or Oral Surgery (Complicated) 20%

Just a Few Details

Please take a moment to read the following limitations and exclusions.

  1. Dental procedures performed only in the participating dental office are benefits under this plan.
  2. Only procedures listed in the Fee Schedule are covered. Unlisted procedures may be available at 85% of provider’s usual fees. Not all dentists perform all dental procedures.
  3. Routine cleanings are limited to one cleaning per six months.
  4. If a dental emergency arises, contact your participating dentist as soon as possible. There are no benefits for out-of-area emergency services.
  5. Dental providers are independent contractors and are solely responsible for all treatment provided. Lifetime Dental Plan makes no expressed or implied warranties regarding services received, and disclaims all liability for any and all services performed by contracted providers and their associates.
  6. Any dental treatment started prior to the Member’s eligibility to receive benefits under this plan, or started after a Member’s termination is not covered.
  7. Accidents that occur during treatment or the failure to follow the treatment plan could result in additional fees to the patient.
  8. This dental program is NOT an insurance product, but rather a discounted fee dental program.

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